KOKUYO DESIGN AWARD – コクヨデザインアワード2018

Concours Design Identité

Made by Vieira Daniel César


 In an increasingly individualistic world, essential notions such as sharing are in the background.
There is a ancestral action of breaking, cutting, dividing to share better.
SHARePEN is not 2 pens. SHARePEN is 1 tool that emphasizes the gesture of generosity.
I reduce my object, in order to create a link between us. This object binds us at the moment of its use, and even more so, when we unite them back together

« Do you have a pen please ? »

« Sure, here you go… »



*Size are in millimeter



4 Neodymium

Thanks to 4 powerfull magnets, the axe is restored when reunited


Head rotation

User rotate the head of the pen for writing mode




There are countless boundaries in this world.
Countries. Languages. Culture. Gender. Age and class.
All kinds of boundaries that used to make a distinction between « here » and « there »
now either no longer play that role or are trying to change their definition in this diverse society.
Working and living. Connections between people. Social status. Family structure.
Every form of relationship changes each time these boundaries change.
What kind of tool nurtures, revives, and strengthens those relationships,
and what kind of design will it be?
Let’s cross the boundaries.
To make yourself more you.
To create more freedom in society.
Let’s come up with some bold ideas to overcome these walls and discover what lies beyond.



participants in 2017 from all arround the world. The competition is open to designers from different fields including industrial designers, as well as enthusiasts, hobbyists from all around the world